About His Kingdom Come

His Kingdom Come is a unique resource designed to help parents disciple their families at home and help children better understand the story of the Bible. Complete with captivating illustrations, thoughtful discussion questions, and memorable themes, the family gets to experience the entire story of salvation, from start to finish, within a single calendar year.

How It Works

Each week, your family will experience five days of content designed to walk you through specific themes and chapters in the biblical story. Each week includes:

A Weekly Focus

A summary of the content for the week, a thematic overview, a Bible memory verse, and a few worship songs to sing together as you go through the week,

Daily Content

Daily readings from the Bible, thoughtful discussion questions, and prompts to guide your family through intentional prayer rhythms.

Sabbath Activities

A weekly guide for a day of rest where the family can focus on Christ and enjoy some fun together.

The Family Calendar

The family calendar is the perfect daily reminder of God’s redemption story, featuring original artwork from the series, weekly memory verses, and reminders of the major themes. Hang it in a prominent spot on the home and let it provide prompts for everyone to remember what they’re learning throughout the week. You can even scan the QR code for the month to quickly access the daily content.

The Team

Jeremy Herron

Project Manager

Samantha Andrade

Lead Writer & Content Manager

Lindsay Borders


Other Contributors

Amy Merritt
Bryan Glass
David Hemm

Graphic Designer

Lindsay Williams

Web Developer

Matt Morrison

About Providence Church

Providence is a thriving congregation located in Frisco, TX who exists to glorify God by making disciples through the gospel, in community, and on mission. As part of this mission, the church produces resources for its people to equip them in discipleship and personal ministry.

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